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Improve your English.
Do you need to improve your English to reach your academic goals, professional goals, or personal goals? Invest in yourself. Study English face-to-face with experts in adult second language acquisition. We offer small classes, larger workshops, tutoring, and editing.

Improve the English in your organization.
Are you a Texas A&M department or local business that wants better communication internally and externally? Invest in your personnel. Provide professional development at your site or at EnglishBCS’s office. We offer customized courses and training.

Improve your ESL program.
Are you an ESL program that wants a consultation on good practices, professional development for your staff, or language assessment for your students? We would be happy to consult with you.

Sema [one of the teachers] has great patience with us, correcting our pronunciation again and again. I enjoyed her class so much and never missed the course (except an absence due to conflicting time of another exam). Meanwhile, I gave a successful talk in APS conference which is the most influential conference in physics by following her suggestions, for example, to make eye contact with the audience and make proper hand gestures. My supervisor also told me that I already made a big progress on pronunciation although I do not think so. I would like to sincerely thank for her help and encouragement. I just received the best paper award (only one person) in our department, and I will have many presentations in the future. Now I feel very confident and glad to share my research work; the practice in her class is really helpful.

Sema 是我见过最好的英语老师,没有之一。她教英语口语,极度有耐心而且正能量,对学生很好很负责,十分和蔼可亲。因此,一个学期下来,我的发音得到了极大纠正。她的课堂总是生动有趣的,有很多的锻炼机会,比如作一些自己感兴趣很有意思的报告,她会给你录视频,然后一对一面对面细心的给你讲解所存在的问题。我是个搞学术的,期间有一次出去开一个重要的会并作报告,一开始很紧张,但课堂上学的技巧让我更自信、自然的去表达,最后报告很成功。上Sema的课开心的学到了很多实用的东西,在此深深地表达一下对她的感激,祝她一切顺利,永远年轻。

Hua China

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EnglishBCS was founded by former faculty members of Texas A&M University’s
English Language Institute (ELI). All hold master’s degrees and have years or
decades of experience helping international adults communicate more
clearly and effectively.

Among our educators are:

  • An educator who has lived on five continents of the world.

  • An educator who earned a degree in linguistics from Yale University with distinction.

  • A multilingual educator (Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin).

  • An educator who gave an acclaimed cultural orientation to international students at Texas A&M University.

  • An educator who has scored speaking exams for international teaching assistants and has published an article about the TOEFL.

  • An educator who has trained scorers using the ESL composition profile (the rubric used for the ELPE writing section).

  • An educator who is active in the professional association TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and gives workshops at teachers’ conferences.



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