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Every writer – even a native speaker — can benefit from an editor. EnglishBCS editors will help you with organization, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation so that your message comes through clearly and professionally.

Perhaps you are close to submitting your PhD dissertation, but your advisor has told you to “clean up the language.”

Or perhaps you want to submit an article to a journal for publication, but are afraid it will be rejected because of superficial language errors. Maybe you are a working professional who has written an important document (such as a résumé or report), and you need it to look its best. We can help.

The editors of EnglishBCS specialize in texts written by non-native speakers of English, who are also called multilingual writers. We have studied foreign languages and taught ESL composition courses, so we understand the difficulty you face. In addition to making corrections, the editors will note patterns of errors. We will explain recurring linguistic errors to the author so that the editing experience becomes a language learning experience.

EnglishBCS editors will never write a paper for you; our goal is to make you a better writer.

Note: EnglishBCS editors are generalists, not specialists in any field other than the field she or he studied. For questions about content, you will need to consult someone in your field.

Contact us if you have a manuscript that needs editing.

Together, we’ll make your manuscript better.

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Rate for résumé editing service: $40/resume. This includes detailed editing as well as a 15-minute consultation. Résumés are typically 1-2 pages long and focused on accomplishments relevant to a job opening in industry or business.

Rate for CVs and other documents (such as dissertations, essays, and reports): $16/page (assuming approximately 275 words per page, such as double-spaced in size 12 font). Includes one 30-minute consultation at the end of the project to discuss repeated language errors and other communication concerns. CVs (curricula vitae) are several pages long, thorough, and appropriate for jobs in academia.

Typical turnaround time for résumés is three days (from the time you submit your résumé to us to the time you receive the edited version). Typical turnaround time for longer documents is five days. If your need is urgent, you may request a rush job for an extra fee.

Here are some free tips about resume format (see a classic example and a modern example ) and CV format.

Contact us if you have a manuscript that needs editing. Together, we’ll make your manuscript better.

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