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If you are beginning or expanding an ESL program, we would be happy to guide you. Perhaps your ESL program is temporarily short-handed and you’d like to outsource some of the responsibilities, such as curriculum alignment or assessing students to determine placement or promotion.

Or you may be looking for professional development for your ESL teachers or volunteers, in the form of workshops or teaching observations. If you’re aiming for prestigious accreditation with CEA (the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation), we have experience that may smooth the process for you.

We at EnglishBCS can share our collective knowledge with you, our fellow ESL teachers. See our team members’ qualifications and experience here.


“English language teaching is not something that anyone who can speak English can do. It is a profession, which means that English teaching is seen as a career in a field of educational specialization, it requires a specialized knowledge base obtained through both academic study and practical experience, and it is a field of work where membership is based on entry requirements and standards.” (Jack Richards, 2010)

Areas of Expertise

As you no doubt know from your own experience teaching learners of English, prepared educators in the field of ESL are valuable. According to Richards (2010), a qualified ESL teacher possesses expertise in many arenas:

  • Linguistic (such as fluent use of model English)

  • Disciplinary (such as phonology and syntax)

  • Pedagogical
    (such as evaluation of students’ learning)

  • Technological pedagogical (such as teaching with appropriate technology)

  • Contextual (such as student demographics)

  • Vocabulary (such as technical terms in second language acquisition)

  • Creative (such as identifying ways a text, photo, etc. could be used as a teaching resource)

  • Collaborative (such as working with other personnel in the school)


Our consulting rates are $100/hour/EnglishBCS consultant. Please contact us to make a customized plan to assist or enrich your ESL program.

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