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For Departments

English as a Second Language support is one way to meet the university’s goals of recruitment, retention, and staff development, whether for internationals on campus or Texas residents who immigrated in late childhood. We can partner with you to meet the needs of your department or program by developing workshops or courses tailored to the distinct language tasks your group members need to master.

Other services we offer include


Please see our team’s CVs to be assured of our
academic qualifications and breadth of experience.


To contact us regarding ESL support for Texas A&M or Blinn units, please send an email to [email protected].

  • For multilingual faculty and staff

Are you a professor, visiting professor, or university staff member who speaks English as a Second Language?

Texas A&M provides its faculty members coaching in speaking skills at no charge via the Center for Teaching Excellence. However, if you are a staff member, or if you are interested in improving another area of language (such as writing, vocabulary, or grammar), we are available to help.

If you are self-conscious about communication barriers and want a personalized diagnosis and coaching, we are the resource you need. We have decades of experience discreetly helping foreign-born professionals communicate more clearly, in speech and in writing. Please contact us for tutoring, including a free 20-minute consultation. We can meet in your office or our space.

  • For multilingual students

We have helped hundreds of Texas A&M and Blinn College students:

Contact us and we’ll recommend an EnglishBCS class or tutoring arrangement for you!

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