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Testimonials (in the words of our former students)

Hua, China

Sema [one of the teachers] has great patience with us, correcting our pronunciation again and again. I enjoyed her class so much and never missed the course (except an absence due to conflicting time of another exam). Meanwhile, I gave a successful talk in APS conference which is the most influential conference in physics by following her suggestions, for example, to make eye contact with the audience and make proper hand gestures. My supervisor also told me that I already made a big progress on pronunciation although I do not think so. I would like to sincerely thank for her help and encouragement. I just received the best paper award (only one person) in our department, and I will have many presentations in the future. Now I feel very confident and glad to share my research work; the practice in her class is really helpful.
 Sema 是我见过最好的英语老师,没有之一ᇭ她教英语口语,极度有耐心而且㷲能量,对学生很好很负责,十14.和蔼可亲ᇭ因㷳,一个学期ₚ来,㒠的发音得到了极大纠㷲ᇭ她的课堂总是生动有趣的,有很多的锻炼机会,比如作一些自己感兴趣很有意思的报告,她会给你录视频,然后一对一面对面细心的给你讲解所存在的问题ᇭ㒠是个搞学术的,期间有一次出去开一个重要的会并作报告,一开始很紧张,但课堂ₙ学的技巧让㒠更自信ᇬ自然的去表达,最后报告很㒟功ᇭₙSema的课开心的学到了很多实用的东西,在㷳深深地表达一ₚ对她的感激,祝她一15.顺利,永远年轻ᇭ

Abdullah, Saudi Arabia

I spent an amazing year in the institute and I learned a lot. They teach English in an amazing way and involve culture as well to enhance the experience of learning, and make people learn even in their regular life. The staff are highly knowledgeable and friendly as well. They are nice and they maintain a good environment for each student’s needs, and the student is always the priority.

Sabrina, Venezuela

Pude mejorar mis conocimientos de Inglés en todos los aspectos, además, logré conocer personas de muchísimas partes del mundo e intercambiar culturas. Me siento orgullosa y afortunada por haber tenido la gran oportunidad…. Nunca olvidare esta etapa de mi vida y siempre estaré agradecida con todos los profesores, quienes ocuparán un lugar en mi corazón.
I improved my English skills in many ways, furthermore I met people from all over the world and learned from other cultures. I feel proud and lucky for having the opportunity…. I’ll never forget this period of my life and I am thankful for all my teachers, who will always have a place in my heart.

Ain, South Korea

I was so afraid of speaking, writing, and listening in English but all the teachers helped us step by step, so I was able to develop my English ability and also I could interact with many international friends!! It was a really good experience in my life and gave me a new goal that is entering graduate school! All the teachers were really kind and enthusiastic, they are always make a lot of effort in teaching for international students like me.

놵는영어로말뼍고, 쓰고, 麘는것이너무두ꇙ웠습니다. 뼍지만ꑝ든선생님麙께서차근차근단계별로놵희를도와주셔서영어실ꇚ을향상시킬수있었고, 또한많은외霢친霡麙을사귈수있었습니다!!그것은제인생에있어서정말놵에게좋은경험이었고대뼎원진뼎이라는새로운ꑞ표를가지게해주었습니다!!ꑝ든선생님麙께서는매우친절뼍시고열정놶이시고, 항상놵와같은霢제뼎생麙을가르치기위해많은노ꇚ과수고를해주십니다.

Abdulaziz, Kuwait

I have studied English as a second language with these amazing teachers. Now I am studying architectural engineering in Oklahoma State University. Through my experience with these teachers, I have improved my English skills in every aspect of communicating. I have learned how to write an academic essay and research, read better, and talk better. They were always glad to help us in anything. Even with something not related to English, they were ready to help. Now, after 15 months of learning from these great teachers, I am glad to say that I am very happy with my English.

Oklahoma state university.

Mandi, China

I will always be grateful for what the instructors have done to help international students – for being patient with us, inspiring us to practice English and never hesitating to offer us help. For example, they designed a lot of content to help us adapt to American cultures and be prepared for our future study and career, like learning how to cite sources and paraphrase. Furthermore, they also encouraged us to express our opinions and respect people from different cultural backgrounds.


Janete, Angola

Learning English was the best experience I had since I arrived in the U.S. However, it was only possible because of the amazing teachers I had. They were always willing to help whenever I needed. In fact, they were respectful, friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable, and very professional. The teachers excel at what they do; consequently, today I am an outstanding college student.

Aprender Inglês, foi uma das melhores experiências que tive desde que cheguei nos Estados Unidos. Contudo, isto só foi possível por causa dos professores maravilhosos que tive. Eles estavam sempre dispostos a ajudar sempre que precisasse. Inclusive, eles eram respeitosos, simpáticos, acolhedores, inteligentes, e muito professionais. Os professores sobressaem naquilo que fazem; e consequentemente, hoje eu sou uma aluna universitária excepcional.

Thanh, Viet Nam

I cannot find enough words to express my deep gratitude to all the teachers for their great help to me. Together, they are beyond a great team. They are all highly qualified teachers, with the profound knowledge in English language. They have a lot of experience, especially in teaching foreigners, so they know thoroughly the parts of English that cause the most trouble for students. Besides, their lessons are always designed and arranged in the logical way so learners can understand and absorb the lectures easier and faster. They’re always dedicated to helping students make progress and reach their goals. Most importantly, they’re friendly and nice. They treat us like a family so that for a moment, I could forget the feeling of missing home.

Mình không thể tìm đủ từngữđể diễn tả lòng biết ơn sâu sắc của mình đến tất cảthầy những người đã tận tình giúp. Cùng nhau, tất cảgiáo viên ởđây tạo thành một nhóm trên cả tuyệt vời. Họđều là giáo viên có trình độ chuyên môn cao, với kiến thức sâu rộng trong lĩnh vực Anh ngữ. Họ có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trong việc giảng dạy, đặc biệt trong công tác giảng dạy người nước ngoài, do đó họ biết rõ những phần thường gây khó khăn nhất cho học sinh. Bên cạnh đó, bài giảng luôn được các giáo viên thiết kếở một trình tự hợp lý, do đó người học có thể hiểu và tiếp thu một cách dễ dàng và nhanh chóng. Các thầy, cô luôn tận tuỵ và dành hầu hết thời gian của họ trong việc giúp đỡ học sinh tiến bộ và đạt được mục tiêu đề ra. Quan trọng hơn hết, các thầy, cô ởđây luôn thân thiện và tốt với học sinh. Họđối xử với bọn mình như gia đình, để mà trong khoảnh khắc, mình có thể vơi đi nỗi nhớnhà.

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