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Private tutoring gives you the opportunity to improve your English at your own pace. Whether you are a TAMU student needing academic language support or a visiting spouse who stays at home and needs practical conversation and speaking practice, we can help you build your skills. A tutor will meet you at a time, place, and length of time that is mutually agreeable. Tutoring may occur at our location or another public place like a coffee shop or outdoors. You may choose one hour only, 100 hours, or anything in between. Online-only tutoring may also be arranged.

If you would like to reserve ongoing tutoring sessions, you are entitled to one free 20-minute consultation. An English BCS tutor will ask you about your goals, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and recommend a tutoring plan.
If you want to join with 1-2 friends who have similar language goals, you may arrange group tutoring and split the hourly cost amongst yourselves.

All tutors have years of training and experience in teaching adult non-native English speakers. Everyone on our team has also lived abroad and understands the various language concerns you face on a daily basis; our goal is to customize instruction to satisfy your unique needs.

Who uses tutors?

  • Texas A&M international students who want individual feedback on their papers

  • PhD candidates who want to practice for prelims or defending their dissertation

  • Foreign-born professionals preparing for an upcoming job interview

  • And more


Tutoring is $50/hour for individuals and groups of up to 3. If you sign up for 7 hours, you get the 8th hour free.

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