Understanding of American culture and Bryan / College Station

Understanding of American culture and Bryan / College Station 2017-08-29T23:03:27-05:00
Are you new to this city? Are you curious or confused about the way of life here? Do you feel alone sometimes?
It is common to feel culture shock when you move to a place with unfamiliar laws, food, customs, and language. Many other international adults have felt this way, but they have successfully overcome culture shock. (See their emotions on the whiteboard below.) They now feel that Bryan / College Station is their second home.
You can learn about life here in Aggieland by one-on-one tutoring, in one of our small classes (about 6 people), or in larger workshops.
If there is a particular custom or procedure that you want to focus on (such as how to get a driver’s license, or how to register your child for school), please contact us, and we will recommend a class or tutor for you.
Look for our workshops in September and early October:
  • “Understanding your child’s school”
  • “How to succeed in a master’s or PhD program – what no one tells you until it’s too late”
  • “Welcome to Texas”
  • “What is all the excitement about football?”  (free seminar)
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