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Academic science writing class during late afternoon for 3:45-5:45 pm, Tues/Thurs. THIS CLASS IS 20 HOURS FOR $200 – small classes with BIG impact!

Writing is an important part of all EnglishBCS multiskill classes. Multiskill = speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading. 3 levels (intermediate, advanced, basic) multiskill classes during school hours for 2 hrs/day, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. THESE CLASSES ARE 30 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION FOR $300 – small classes with BIG impact!

Multiskill class on Saturday for 2 hours/day, 1 day/week (2 levels: basic and advanced). The Saturday class can be combined with the weekday classes or taken on Saturdays only. Limit 6 per class. 5 SATURDAYS FOR $120

Invest in yourself by getting personalized coaching for your English writing skills. We teach:

  • e-mail etiquette
  • vocabulary

  • grammar

  • spelling

  • self-editing skills

  • organization of paragraphs

  • academic essays and research papers

  • timed-writing tests (such as the TOEFL and IELTS)

  • punctuation, capitalization, and formatting

  • citing sources properly (and avoiding plagiarism)

You can learn and improve by one-on-one tutoring, in one of our small classes (about 6 people), or in larger workshops. We will do our best to group you with other learners who are at the same level as you.

EnglishBCS also offers editing services. A former faculty member will edit your paper and give you a 30-minute consultation about your strengths and weaknesses so that the editing experience becomes a language learning experience. EnglishBCS editors will never write a paper for you; our goal is to make you a better writer.

If there is a particular writing skill that you want to focus on (such as business memos or research proposals), please contact us, and we will recommend a class or tutor for you.

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